Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sunday was a perfect fall day; sunny and clear with a crisp chill to the air. I went for a walk with a girlfriend down to a pond and was immediately inspired to return with my camera. It was an hour or so before sunset and the light was wonderful. It was an inspirational, peaceful and calming (not to mention spontaneous and free!) way to indulge my creative side.

Here are some highlights:Walking down the bike path...

The light was filtering perfectly through the leaves

Peaceful pond

This spontaneous photo shoot definitely re-sparked my interest in photography. I love taking pictures but am self-taught and don't know much about lighting, angles, editing, etc. I'm thinking about taking a digital photography class at the local community college next semester to learn more and improve my photos. Either way I love the way these shots came out and plan on framing a couple of them. I hope you enjoy them!

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Annie said...

I love the first two! I miss Davis!